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Area Rug Cleaning – A Thorough Guide For All

April 6th, 2016 | by admin
Area Rug Cleaning – A Thorough Guide For All

If you’re a homeowner, you likely understand that you can adorn your home with an assortment of different decorative items. Taking care of your floors is immensely important and you may want to consider sprucing up your home’s aesthetics with a beautiful area rug. Although these rugs can be incredibly attractive and very comfortable, attempting to learn how to clean an area rug can be much more exhausting and strenuous than you could ever imagine. Within this guide, you will learn precisely how to clean a rug, without wearing yourself out or spending excessively on commercial cleaning solutions.

Considering Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Considering Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Before attempting to learn how to clean rug on your own, you should attempt to figure out, whether or not you’d be better off paying a professional to perform the job for you. The difficulty involved will depend substantially on a number of different factors, including your age, activity level, your equipment, and the bulkiness of the rug in question. For some individuals, area rug cleaning won’t be so difficult, but others will struggle and may be better off paying a professional.

If you’re interested in paying for one of the local rug cleaning services, you should put in a little bit of effort investigating each. Make sure that you inspect the histories and reputations of each of the potential rug cleaners in your area. Also, you will be wise to read customer reviews and obtain price quotes from each company, before making your determination. These simple steps will help to ensure that you’re able to find the best rug cleaning service in your area and you will be able to rest assured knowing your money has been spent in the wisest manner possible.

Learning How To Clean Rugs

Learning How To Clean Rugs

Although cleaning a rug will not be easy, it is a task that many homeowners and average individual will be able to achieve. There are numerous commercial area rug cleaners, which are inexpensive, readily available and immensely effective. By utilizing these products, putting in the effort and following the proper procedure, you will be able to restore the rug to new, without paying expensive prices or hiring a professional. If you concur with this sentiment, you will want to process to the information below and learn how to clean area rugs in the most effective way possible.

Frequently Vacuuming

how to clean rugs

In some cases, you may not need to clean the entirety of the rug. Attempting to haul the rug outside, in order to beat it clean, can be very difficult and should not be performed regularly. Instead, there are some much more practical ways to keep the rug clean and tidy, without too much grueling work. First and foremost, you will want to make sure to vacuum your rug on a frequent basis. In order to keep the area rug in tiptop shape, it should be vacuumed on both sides once a month, if not more.

This simple, but effective, area rug cleaning technique will remove dirt and debris from the rug’s fabric, while restoring a shine to its appearance. Just remember to steer clear of tassels and fringe, as the vacuum may damage these fragile materials.

White Vinegar

white vinegar to clean area rugs

Over a period of time, your rug will collect dust and this will cause it to lose its shine. The dust is also capable of covering up the carpet’s color and making it less bright and luxurious than before. With this in mind, you should formulate your own cleaning mixture with vinegar and water. With 1-part vinegar and 3-parts water, you will be able to restore the carpet’s shine and color. Just remember to use a cloth or sponge to soak up and blot the carpet with this mixture, before allowing it to air dry.

Beat Out the Rug

how to clean an area rug

While it is always wise to start your entire rug cleaning projects with vacuuming, it never hurts to give it an old fashioned beating. Of course, the vacuum will do an amazing job suctioning up the debris, dirt, and dust out of the area rug, but this will nothing for the dust that is hidden in the depths of the fibers. This is where a beat out will come in handy. If your area rug is quite large, you may need to create a homemade clothes line, so that you can drape the rug over it.

You can utilize a large or small broom, just like the homemakers did in the olden days, to gently beat the rug. It may take some time to remove all of the debris, but this will depend on how dirty the rug is and the length of time between each beating. Just take your time and you will do just fine. Once your complete this step, you will be able to advance to the next step.

Over-The-Counter Cleaners

area rug cleaning

You will find a large array of rug cleaner sprays and stain removers at your local retail store. Just be sure to read the package label, before investing in any of these products. Some brands may not be suitable for specific types of rug fabric and could potentially alter the colors dramatically. It may be wise to do a spot test in an area that is not visible, before you commence to a full application.

Once you select a cleaner that is suitable for your area rug, just follow the directions on the package label, until the task is complete.

Drying Time

drying time

Once the area rug is washed and cleaned, you should allow it to dry for 2-4 hours, before replacing it back to its original location. If you fail to let it dry thoroughly bacteria and mold growth will be inevitable. If you have a clothesline, you can drape the rug over it and let it air dry, but you may need to flip it over at some point, so both sides dry thoroughly.


At the end of the day, an area rug can be a brilliant addition to any home. It is capable of providing a little something extra to a big room and can even be utilized to protect your home’s hardwood floors. Just remember that owning this type of rug will come with some additional responsibilities. Thankfully, cleaning an area rug isn’t overly complicated, as long as you use the guide above as reference.

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