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How to Clean Bamboo Floors

April 12th, 2016 | by admin
How to Clean Bamboo Floors

How to Clean Bamboo Floors to Shine Like New

Bamboo is quickly becoming a flooring material of choice. It’s beautiful, more durable than hardwood, and appealing to the environmentally conscious because of bamboo’s sustainability as a crop. If you have bamboo floors in your home or business, you’ll need to know how to clean bamboo floors efficiently.

Bamboo Floors Cleaning

Because bamboo flooring is such a new option, chances are, if you have bamboo flooring, either you installed it yourself or you bought a new home with bamboo flooring already installed. In either case, you very likely have the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for the floor. These guidelines on how to clean bamboo floors will help you preserve their beauty and value.

Preventive Maintenance for Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Place floor mats and area rugs in entryways and high-traffic areas, and make sure they are appropriate for use on bamboo flooring: ventilated, non-scratchy, and colorfast. Shake out, vacuum, or wash them frequently. Walking on a dusty or dirty floor is the quickest way to scratch your floor, so use a soft broom, dust mop, or light vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning. It’s a good idea not to wear shoes in the house; slippers or socks are preferable to bare feet, because the oils from people’s feet will cause damage to the floor over time.

Clean up spots and spills immediately. A soft cloth with warm water will take care of most food, drink, and dirt spills; for deeper cleaning, you can use a commercially prepared hardwood floor cleaner, or mix a few drops of dish liquid in a quart of water for a homemade bamboo floor cleaner. Dish soap will need to be rinsed off, and be sure to dry it immediately.

Never use harsh detergents or chemicals or anything abrasive. It is not advisable to wax your bamboo floor, as it requires periodic buffing, which many homeowners are reluctant to continue doing indefinitely. Also, once wax has been applied to a floor, only wax can be used forever after. Wax cannot be applied over polyurethane and vice-versa. Black heel marks and stubborn stains can be removed from a bamboo floor with light rubbing with a soft cloth and wood floor cleaner.

Avoid placing potted plants directly on your bamboo flooring; use a plastic tray, and better still, keep it raised off the floor so that air can circulate underneath.

Shine and Protect Bamboo Floors

Clean Bamboo Floors

How to clean bamboo floors begins with keeping them clean. After daily light maintenance to keep them free of dust and dirt, deeper cleaning of bamboo floors requires only water and a little dish soap. To keep them looking their best and lasting the longest, apply Pro Shot® Floor Restorer. One application will last months and months. Pro Shot® Floor Restorer contains no petroleum, so there’s no harsh chemicals or smelly fumes. Properly cared for, bamboo flooring will last for a long time and retain value for your property.

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