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How To Clean Marble Floors

April 13th, 2016 | by admin
How To Clean Marble Floors

A shiny floor with high quality of marble flooring is an asset to any building especially homes. Being a homeowner, purchasing the ones with good quality or availing the best installation service alone will not do the trick. You have to make sure that the floors are always maintained well as some cleaning procedures and other materials can damage its surface greatly. Make sure you follow these rules to handle the granite floors in an expert way. Read on to know more about How To Clean Marble Floors and to have a marble flooring that has long lasting sheen.

Cleaning the floors of marble:

How To Clean Marble Floors


You can use plain water to clean your floors made of marble. You can also use tepid warm water with ammonia to clean the floors. You can also add some detergent that has a low pH and dilute it in water to clean your dirty floors. These days there are specific cleaning products available for you to clean marble floors that can offer a streak free look. These products are specially designed for marble floors and hence you can use it based on the instructions at the back of the pack. Even if you spill wine or sauce, make sure to use a bit of these cleaning products to wipe the floor.

Mops, brooms and brushes:

how to clean marble floor

The mops, brushes and brooms that you use for the marble floors must be used only for that particular task. This would prevent these products to come in to contact with any chemical stuff that can badly damage your marble floors. You have to know how to clean marble floors using these cleaning items. Some of you might have an idea that using very soft brooms or brushes is best for marble but you can use the ordinary ones, as it will not do any harm.

Never air dry your marble floors:

Never air dry your marble floors

This is an essential point to consider about How To Clean Marble Floors. Remember that you must never leave your marble floor to air dry. This is because the process of air drying can cause the floors to spot and stain. Make sure to use a fluffy cloth or towel to dry wet marble surface, as it is best for reducing the abrasion.

Period of cleaning marble floors:

It is advisable to clean marble floors at least thrice a week. This is important as it will keep off the sand, dust and other materials caused by the traffic at your place, which might cause scratches on the surface of the floor. It might also keep the stains hidden, as you might not be able to identify it every day.

Make use of sealers:

marble floor sealers

Sealers are a great choice for your floors made with marble because it can prevent the marble floors from becoming less slick. Some home owners opine that sealers might not be good for all kinds of marble as some can trigger a dark discolored look. This is because sealers can have a discolored look over a period of time and might require some chemical to strip off the color.

Seek professional help for cleaning:

Seek professional help for marble cleaning

If you want to deal with some major issues with marble floor such as stubborn stain, then the best way would be to seek professional help. This can be a last measure when none of your tricks seem to work on the stain. When the stain refuses to budge, then you can make sure that you seek the advice or service of the professional as they can handle it with expertise and solve the issue quite faster.

This is essential as over a few years’ period, constant use of iron, oil, ink, grease and iron tends to take a toll on the marble floors and hence a professional would be able to help you out in this position. They will have the right kind of things right from the chemicals to the fabrics to offer the lost glam to your marble floors.

Knowing how to clean marble floors tentatively would help you to maintain beauty of your floor made with marble and to make it remain as an asset to your home for many years that are still to come!

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