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Steam Carpet Cleaning

April 12th, 2016 | by admin
Steam Carpet Cleaning

It can be very easy to apply steam carpet cleaning to your own home. A carpet can look like it just came from a store if you can do the job well. If nothing else works and your carpets still look filthy after a vacuuming, a steam carpet cleaning might be the next step that you can take. You can decide to do the job yourself by getting home steam cleaners or you can hire professional steam carpet cleaners.

steam carpet cleaning

If you choose to do the job yourself, you can buy home steam carpet cleaners or you can go to a store and get one as a rental. The machines that you can buy to do steam carpet cleaning on your own can work well on stains that are not very hard to remove. If you have tough stains that have gone deep into the carpet fibers, it will be time to rent the more powerful steam cleaners because they can be much more effective than the home models.

Steam carpet cleaning is great to use on carpets in home where there are people who have a respiratory or allergy problem. The steam will stop mold and dust from moving into the air and dust mites as well as different fungus’ can be removed completely. These allergens will be removed causing little to no breathing trouble and a steam cleaner will make that carpet shine.


1. A carpet should be cleaned at least every 6 months up to a year. The vapors caused by a steam cleaner are intensely hot and it will eventually turn to steam before it is shoved deep through the fibers of your carpets.

2. A steam cleaner will also have the use of a special cleaner and solution to get rid of carpet dirt that may be present, adding another step to the process. There are a variety of cleaning solutions and they have been created for a variety of carpet types.

3. If your carpet is an antique, Persian or hand made, it should only be cleaned by professional steam carpet cleaners. Regardless of how careful you are, you can end up ruining that great carpet that you were trying to save.

Hire A Professional

hire a professional steam carpet cleaner

If you feel that the job of steam cleaning your carpets is too difficult or much too great for you to handle. It is time to call in the pros. Steam carpet cleaning by a professional may not be cheap but you usually get a job very well done.

Before you hire someone, make sure that you do your research on a few different carpet cleaning companies. Check any references that they have provided and ask about the services that they will provide to you. Let them know if you have a special type of rug or carpet because something special might need to be done to avoid damaging or ruining your rugs.

Once you have chosen a professional, they will apply a special spray to your carpets that has a chemical which is resistant to stains. Home owners who have children or pets will need to question the cleaners before they begin to make sure that nothing harmful will be added.

Steam cleaning a carpet is a great option that you can use to lengthen the lifespan of your carpets and rugs. They will look new, smell fresh and last a long time with great care.

Removing stains that are hard to look at and those that have bad odors is a must for any home and a steam cleaner will be just the right tool to use. Doing it yourself or hiring a professional are both good ideas and you should get a steam clean at least once a year.

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