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The Best Way to Clean Tile Floors

April 21st, 2016 | by admin
The Best Way to Clean Tile Floors


 Tile flooring is always a durable choice for any part of the house. Any homeowner who uses this kind of flooring should know the basics of cleaning the tiles, grout, and some hacks to further take care of the floor. By doing so, your floor can look as good as new even after some year has passed.

Sweep, vacuum, and mop tile floors regularly. Aside from its main purpose of maintaining cleanliness, it will also keep them from getting dull. You can clean tiled floors with mild detergent and clean water, using a rag or mop. Avoid using a sponge type of mop, as it will push dirty water into the grout lines, which will make the whole process of cleaning a lot harder than it seems. Also, always change the water while mopping. Once it gets discolored, immediately replace it with clean water. If you continue to use the dirty water while mopping, the floor will be cloudy with fine streaks of dirt residues on it. To keep the tiles looking shiny, mop the floor with warm water once a week.

how to clean tile floors

Keep the floor dry and free from residue. When cleaning the floor, whether you’re using plain water or a mixture of detergent, always finish off by running a dry mop over it. This will prevent new dirt from accumulating and will also remove some residues left from the detergent used. When left unattended, the new dirt can even become hard-to-remove grimes.

Immediately deal with any kind of spills. Even just a small amount of liquid or anything that has been spilled should be cleaned right away. This is not only to prevent possible accidents from happening but also to ensure the cleanliness of the floor. The longer the spill would stay on the floor, the more time it will have to seep into the grout. Juices and other liquids with sugar, when spilled on the floor, would be very sticky, so make sure to clean it off immediately. You can clean it with detergent, and follow up with a dry mop or cloth.

Use a disinfectant to clean dirtier spills. Pet accidents and raw food spilled on the floor are just some of the instances where you’ll need the help of a disinfectant to completely clean the floor. Chemicals from animals’ body fluids or from the raw food may stain the floor.

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It’s all in the grout. A great-looking tile floor is equaled to a clean grout. Grout is porous and can easily absorb grease and any other kind of stain. In cleaning the grout, you can use a homemade paste with the use of baking soda and water. Use this to rub in stains on the grout and let it sit overnight. In the morning, you can scrub off the stain by using a nylon brush.

Stubborn grout stains can be remedied with bleach. When the natural way doesn’t work, proceed to make a 75/25 solution of bleach and water for white grout only. If the grout is colored, just use plain water as bleach may remove the coloring Clean the edges of grout using a toothbrush or the end of a sponge. Be careful so as to not get the tiles bleached. Remove all traces of bleach by rinsing the floor with warm water. When the floor is completely dry, carefully apply a coat of grout sealer to the grout between the tiles. This will prevent it from absorbing any more dirt.

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Vinegar and water would make a good cleanser. Mix ½ cup vinegar with a gallon of water and use this solution when mopping the floor. Aside from the vinegar being a cleaning agent, it can also eliminate any odor. If you want to clean it better, mop the floor again using fresh water and mild detergent. Rinse the floor immediately using warm water. This will remove residual soap so it won’t remain on the floor. This alternative is especially for homes with children or pets since you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals in cleaning because it might affect them in one way or another. Going natural is always a good option. But when using this tip, keep in mind the kind of tile floor that you have.

The use of doormats is a must. These should be placed both outside and inside the house. This will eliminate tracking mud or water on the floor. This is very important especially during rainy and snowy seasons.


Do spot cleaning to remove stains.  When spills are left to sit for a while, it will stain the tile floors. You can remove these stains by making a paste using a 50/50 mixture of scouring powder and warm water. Rub the paste on the stain using a cloth and let it sit for at least five to ten minutes before scrubbing the area with a soft brush. Finish it off by washing the area with warm water and using a cloth to remove any paste remains.

Clean mildew on the floor and prevent it accumulating again. The bathroom tile floors can get mildew at times. Wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Prepare a 50/50 solution of water and ammonia, and then scrub the area using a soft brush, gradually pouring the ammonia solution on areas that needs more of it. Once the mildew is gone, rinse the floor with clean water.

Clean mildew on the floor

Remove rust spots. When rust is noticed in your tile floors, you can clean it using kerosene. Remember to wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands, and then pour kerosene slowly onto a clean cloth until it becomes damp. Use the cloth to rub the rust stain away. After the rust is removed, wash the area with warm water to remove residual rust and kerosene.

Remove tough grease stains. When grease is present in the tile floors, aside from causing it to become more slippery, it will also be harder to remove once it is not cleaned immediately. To remove such stains, pour cornstarch on it and let it sit until dry. You can then finish it off by wiping it using a rag.


These are just some of the tips that can be useful in cleaning tile floors. There are a hundred more ways out there, which may or may not work better with your floor. Always keep in mind the kind of floor that you have because some chemicals and solutions might not be compatible with it, and instead of cleaning it off, it might turn out to be doing worse on the floor. Everything that’s being taken cared of would always last longer, and that is also true for tile floors at home. Do your best to maintain the cleanliness of the floor and it will still be looking new in the years to come.

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