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The complete guide to choosing and using a tile grout steam cleaner

April 13th, 2016 | by admin
The complete guide to choosing and using a tile grout steam cleaner

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article because you’ve either

a) tried grout cleaning by hand and got nowhere,

b) researched professional tile grout cleaning services and balked at the cost! or

c) you’re pretty sure your tile grout doesn’t need replacing, but could certainly do with a good cleaning.

If any one of the above apply to you then you may want to consider looking at purchasing or renting a grout steam cleaner.

What is a grout steam cleaner and how does it work?

grout steam cleaner

You won’t find many, if any at all, steam cleaners that are exclusively made for the purpose of putting a shine on your tile grout. In fact, most steam cleaners are multi-function, and can be used for many domestic purposes also, including cleaning bathroom surfaces (tile, toilet, shower doors etc), kitchen surfaces, and outside tough-to-clean areas.

Basically, a steam cleaner requires you to feed water to it, the machine heats this water, and the water is then released in the form of steam, which when used correctly is a very effective and eco-friendly cleaning method.

Does a steam cleaner use any chemicals?

steam cleaner for grout

Always read the manufacturers guidelines and documentation regarding the correct use of your steam cleaner. The user manual for your steam cleaner should tell you exactly how to use it, and what to put inside it – which in almost every case will be just water. Many manufacturers recommend that you only use filtered or distilled water when cleaning. If you use plain tap water be aware that mineral deposits may build up inside the tank of your unit. This will limit the amount of steam that can be released from the device, and may cause your warranty to become void. The takeaway from this is to always read the manufacturers instructions.

Does steam cleaning grout cause damage to it?

Unfortunately, yes, using a steam cleaner to clean your grout could quite possibly cause damage to it. You could also do damage to surrounding areas (baseboards, wooden cabinets etc cannot tolerate steam). In fact many professional grout cleaning companies will tell you not to steam clean grout at all. It may take more than a couple of steam cleans before you notice any damage, but exercise caution if choosing to clean grout using steam.

How long does it take to clean grout using steam?

steam cleaning grout

When compared with a hand-scrubbing method of cleaning tile grout, steam cleaning will be multiple times faster. You will still need to be prepared to get a bit dirty, and have extra cleaning supplies on hand (e.g. mop, rags etc), but you will see results fast!

Is grout steam cleaning easy?

steam clean grout

Steam cleaning grout is like any other household cleaning job – you never really look forward to it, but when it’s done you will most likely be wearing a smile. Cleaning grout with steam is easier than many other methods but will still require quite some effort on your part. While steaming, you may also be performing a scrubbing action with the attachment nozzle. Depending on your steam cleaner you may also be bending down low giving yourself backache. Then there’s the cleanup afterwards – mopping etc. And when you’re done you need to remember to apply grout sealer to the grout to keep it clean going forward.

Buy vs rent?

Weigh up the cost of your preferred grout steam cleaner against the cost of renting one at your local hardware store. Renting one should be significantly cheaper, but consider how often you are going to use the machine. If you will use it for multiple steam cleans, or are planning to use it for other household purposes, then purchasing a good steam cleaner may be in your best interest.

What grout steam cleaner should I buy?

There are many highly recommended steam cleaners available on the market, most of which have the ability to clean tile grout. If you are planning on purchasing a steam cleaner, ensure it is right for your needs, has the correct attachments/accessories for grout cleaning, and of course is within in your price range. You may also want to consider factors such as how long does the device take to create steam, and how much water the unit can hold. These 2 factors will impact how much downtime you have during your cleaning, as well as how long you can use it for at any one time.

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