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How To Clean A Gas Grill

April 26th, 2016 | by admin
How To Clean A Gas Grill

Learning How To Clean A Gas Grill does not mean that you need to scrub the entire thing in order to make it shine. It is important for you to notice that post several uses, your gas grill naturally develops a fade which shows that the grill is being used. Follow these steps after every time you use your gas grill:

Uncontaminated Grill Grate

Grill grates need to be cleaned twice during each use. The grates should be cleaned once prior to adding food and then after removing the food using a very stiff and strong wire grill brush.  Clean the grill grate while it is still hot because a hot grate cleans very easily in comparison to a grate that is cold. Scrape the grate, next close the lid and turn off the gas on the gas grill.

how to clean gas grill

Check the Ash Catcher and Grease catcher

The ash catcher and the grease catcher also need to be checked on a regular basis. If either one of them is found full, empty it before you start grilling.

Check the Ash Catcher and Grease catcher

Wipe the Side Tables

The side tables in some gas grills develop horrible stains if they are left dirty for a very long time. Therefore, it is very important to wipe the tables using warm soapy water on a regular basis which is very similar to wiping the counter tops in your kitchen.

Keep the Gas Grill Dry

Oxygen in addition to moisture and metal results in rust. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your gas grill dry by wiping wet surfaces of the grill with a very clean cloth. This will also prevent any kind of rusting in your gas grill. There are some other gas grill cleaning techniques or procedures which should be followed once every year and they are as follows:

Checking the Gas Grill Heat diffuser

The heat diffuser in your gas grill is likely to develop a formation of food remains what you need to do is simply scrape this formation of food remains using a very old metal brush or a spatula.

Checking the Gas Grill Heat diffuser

Clean the Firebox and the Lid

Remove the heat diffuser in a gas grill and then try scraping away any remains or debris within the firebox. Both the firebox and the lid need to be washed using soapy and warm water. If you find that the soot build up on the gas grill interiors is quite heavy then try making use of a good quality grill cleaner. Do not panic if you find peeling paint drooping from your gas grill interior. Do not use a paint brush for doing away with this peeling paint. These are baked-on grease that have transformed into carbon and they can easily be removed by wiping them using a moist paper towel.

Burner Tubes in a Gas Grill need to be checked

If you find that the flame of your gas grill is extra yellow in comparison to blue, then there might be obstructions or cracks in the gas grill burner tubes. This will automatically prevent the maximum mix of fuel and oxygen. Sometimes spiders nest in the burner tubes because they are not used frequently. You should always check the burner tubes for any kind of obstructions or visible holes or cracks. If you find any cracks, holes or obstructions, replace the burner tubes according to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Do not try to clean the holes by using a pin or similar tool to clear any blockages. Here you need to be careful about not enlarging the ports because the original diameter of the ports provides the maximum mix of fuel and oxygen. Interior cleaning of the burner tubes should be done according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Burner Tubes in a Gas Grill

Check the Gas Grill Hoses

You need to ensure that all the connections are completely tight and the hoses do not have any cracks, holes or areas which are excessively worn out. The direction of the manufacturer needs to be followed in replacing worn and cracked hoses. It is a simple matter involving the removal of worn out hoses and fastening the new hoses. Apart from this, the control panel and the igniter in a gas grill should also be checked thoroughly.

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