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How to Get Rid of Musty Smell in Basement?

April 6th, 2016 | by admin
How to Get Rid of Musty Smell in Basement?
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There are times when you smell something bad inside your home and you can’t just point out where that smell is coming from. This is because you are sure that you always spend much of your time cleaning your entire house, making it sure that nothing bad is going to be inhaled. What you didn’t know is that your above-ground rooms are actually being tarnished by the leaking smell from your unkempt basement!

So, even when you spend a lot of your time cleaning and keeping your above-ground rooms immaculately clean, there is a great chance that such clean rooms may have its clean feel and atmosphere tarnished and ruined because of the bad smell that’s coming from your basement. This is not surprising because basements are usually built underground so there is a tendency that excessive moisture tends to build up in them. And with the lack of sunlight in such areas, the result will be foul and musty smells due to the presence of mildew.

Is there an effective way by which you can get rid of such smells? Yes, there is! In fact, there are various solutions and remedies that you can find around you to help in the elimination of bad smell in your basement while making it smell better than ever before. Once a certain remedy has been done, you’ll be in the way to improve your home’s overall quality – in your basement and anywhere inside your home, too.

Determine where the Smell is Coming from

Basically, when a particular room smells earthy and musty then this usually tells you that mildew is present inside. Mildew is a certain type of fungus which usually grows and propagates in humid and warm areas where ample lighting is not available. Humid areas can either be caused by leaking pipes or even hot and cold pipes that tend to condense under the right conditions and temperature. Aside from these potential causes, you also need to check the behind of your basement walls, crawl spaces, ceiling areas and even the tiny crannies and nooks of your basement.

Eliminate all Mildew/Mold-Infected Things Inside Your Basement

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The moment you have finally discovered the sources of the musty and earthy smell, there are two options from which you can choose from: to eliminate the mildew and mold buildups from every infected object, or to throw away every mold/mildew-infected item. Whatever your option is, you are still required to take all the mildew-infested objects out of the basement. This will allow your basement to breathe and be treated and cleaned in the process.

Try to take note of the following when dealing with the removal of mildew and mold from your basement:

1. If there are objects which have been affected by the bad smell, there is a need for you to decide whether you should keep them or throw them away. A musty smell is hard to remove especially when it is embedded on papers and books. Keeping these things can permeate your basement again even when you think that you have already eradicated the mildew buildups inside. Now if you think that you don’t want to throw these items away then you should place them in an airtight container or you may find a new place where you can have them stored.

2. If there are clothes in the basement, the best way to deal with their musty smell is to wash them. However, there are times when musty smell may be hard and difficult to remove from clothes so the best option is to throw them away.

3. If musty smell is embedded into certain objects like carpets and furniture, the best thing you should do is to take them outside. You should do this after ensuring that the weather is dry and when the sun is shining outside. Make it a point to air out the items and get them sun-dried as well. Hit them with a few strokes with your broom to remove dust and particles – they carry musty smell, too.

4. If the process won’t remove the musty smell from your carpet and furniture, your best option is to buy new furniture and carpet that you can use inside your basement.

Give Your Entire Basement a Massive and Thorough Cleaning

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After removing all the objects from your basement, you need to spend time cleaning the fixtures and walls to get rid of mildew, mold and particles that carry the smell. Do remember to wear gloves and face mask when doing this process. Take the time to scrub everything inside your basement with the aid of a brush (heavy duty type) and a cleaning solution. If you want to make use of homemade cleaning solutions then you can try this combination:

– 2 parts hydrogen peroxide

– 2 parts white vinegar

– 1 part boric acid

– 4 parts water

Remember not to use too much of the solution as this will contribute to the buildup of excess moisture inside your basement.

Apply Deodorizer and Give Ventilation

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After you have scrubbed, mopped and wiped away the results of your scrubbing procedure, make it a point to bring fresh air into your basement. This will greatly help in the drying process. Windows should be opened up (if there’s any). Use a power fan to facilitate air circulation. Be sure not to skip this step as this will greatly help in the prevention of musty smells in the days ahead.

Be Sure to Fix the Primary Cause of Mildew

The most common cause of mildew is a leaking pipe so you better be sure to have it fixed the soonest possible time. If the pipe causes condensation then it will be a good idea to have it wrapped in insulation. Now if your basement is something which is naturally humid, it is a good idea to install a dehumidifying machine. It will be a good consideration to connect your basement to your home’s general ventilation system. This will give you a more permanent solution, allowing your basement to breathe constantly while getting rid of excess moisture and mildew buildup in the process.

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