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How to Remove Mildew Smell from Clothes?

April 6th, 2016 | by admin
How to Remove Mildew Smell from Clothes?
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On one particular time of the year, you have opened your closet and discovered that it stinks with a musty smell. Would it be possible to think that it is your storage which is the culprit of the foul smell of your clothes? You may not have thought of the fact that when you store clothes, you are certainly inviting the likelihood of mildew buildup in your cabinet or closet, thereby affecting all the other clothes and items stored inside.  To make sure that such smell can be avoided, it is important to make sure that all clothes, gloves, boots, coats and hats should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing them.

Simple Tips to Remove Musty Smells from Your Clothes

how to get mildew smell out of clothes

Any type of clothing may tend to smell musty over time especially when they were stored in a damp storage. Musty smell is also possible when clothes are worn repeatedly or when they are washed in unclean and mildew-infested washing machines. Here is a summary of some of the simple tips that you can do in order to remove musty smell from your clothes:

1. See to it that your washer is clean. After washing your clothes and they still smell musty then it is a good idea to clean your washer by running hot water, bleach and detergent. It would also be a big help to let the lids of your washers open in-between washings. However, you have to be always reminded of the safety of using such techniques especially when you have children and pets at home.

how to remove mildew odor from clothes

2. It is also possible to remove musty smell from your clothes if the manufacturer’s directions and instructions allow washing your clothes with the washer’s hottest washing cycle.

3. There are cleaning solutions that can be found in your home such as vinegar and baking soda. A cup of baking soda or vinegar can help in the eradication of musty smell from your clothes.

4. After the washing cycle, it is a good idea to allow your clothes to dry in the outdoors. This will allow your clothes to acquire natural and fresh outdoor scents.

5. A cleaning solution that comes with specific scent such as pine scent should be added into your washer. The pine scent will soon be eliminated after one cycle in your dryer.

6. You can put dry and musty clothing inside a freezer. Allow the clothes to stay inside the freezer for a couple of hours. After which, you can now remove the clothes and you’ll be glad to know that the musty smell has already disappeared.

What if Your Closet is the Source of Musty Smells?

mildew odor from closet

If you have made all the solutions mentioned above and your clothes still smell musty after taking them out of your closet, then this will give you the idea that it must be your closet which is the cause of the problem. There are things that usually cause musty and stinking odor inside your closet:

1. Damp shoes tossed inside the closet

2. Pets that think your closet is a bathroom

3. Mice that leave droppings behind

4. When you or someone constantly smokes inside your room

Tips to Help You Deal with a Must-Smelling Closet

When dealing with a musty closet, certain tips can be considered to deal with this kind of issue. Here are some essential tips that you need to know:

1. Remove all the things inside your closet. Make sure that is completely empty.

2. Inspect all the things one by one and separate the clean ones from the musty ones. The musty clothes should be thoroughly washed and dried before returning them in your closet.

3. Make it a point to clean your closet from top to bottom. Sweep the flooring of your closet and wipe its shelves and walls. A vinegar solution is highly advised by many experts because it comes with cleaning and deodorizing properties that will help you make your closet looking, feeling and smelling clean.

4. If you spotted mold or mildew then you should spray it with an anti-mold or anti-mildew solution. Fill the spray bottle with hot water to its ¾ level and mix two caps of bleach. This will surely kill and eliminate mold and mildew growths inside your closet.

5. If the bad odor inside your closet is due to pet urine you should make use of pet urine neutralizer instead of detergent or household cleaning agent.

6. Leave the door of your closet open to allow air circulation and thorough drying over time.

7. Remember not to put back your things inside your closet unless it has been completely cleaned, deodorized and aired out.

8. Store only items that are clean and dry.

Home Remedies to Help You Deal with Musty Clothes

how to get rid of mildew smell in clothes

As of the present days, cleaning solutions are often commercialized. This means that you need to scrape off money from your wallet first before you can use them. Dealing with musty smells on clothes can either be simple or complicated but don’t you know that such problem can be remedied when you make use of solutions that can be found in your home? The following are some of the best home remedies that you can make use of when dealing with musty smells on your clothes and other fabrics:


vinegar to remove mildew smell

This is a very cheap type of solution that can be found in most kitchens. It is highly regarded for cleaning purposes because of its anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties.


use borax to get mildew smell out of clothes

A specific part of this solution can be added to water and mix it with your laundry. This is highly regarded for treating tougher dirt and heavier smells coming from clothes.

Baking Soda

use baking soda to get rid of mildew smell in clothes

This is not only used for baking cakes and breads but it is also an excellent home remedy to treat mildew and mold affecting your clothes.

Now if you have extra budget then you can buy commercial cleaning products such as heavy detergent products. With the wide range of choices that abound on the market, rest assured that you can find the one that can help you eradicate musty smell from your clothes in no time.

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