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Attention All Moms – Remove Dry Blood Stains Easily with this Simple Remedy!

April 4th, 2016 | by admin
Attention All Moms – Remove Dry Blood Stains Easily with this Simple Remedy!
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Many moms from all across the globe are known to be very busy especially when it comes to doing household chores. They do the same things over and over again without getting fed up. With these household chores, cutting things in the kitchen is a common scene. However, there are moms who are so unlucky because there are times when they accidentally cut their fingers while busy preparing in the kitchen.

When a finger is cut, blood oozes right from it, of course. Hastily, one would surely rinse the blood right away and use tissue rolls to clean it up and dry it before wrapping it with a bandage. However, such remedy does not work for everyone. There are times when moms feel alarmed and rattled when they see blood coming out of their cut finger. The first thing they would commonly do is to make use of their clothes to squeeze, wipe and stop the blood from oozing out. As a result, blood stains become an added problem to these industrious mothers.

how to get dried blood out of sheets

When it comes to blood stain removal, treating a new or fresh one is much easier than treating an old and dried one. As a matter off act, fresh blood stains can be easily treated by just quick-rinsing them with cold or cool water. This is a simple trick that prevents blood stains from hardening and setting in the fabric. But in most cases, blood has usually set long right before you know that your clothes or any other fabric is already stained.

It is not only moms who cause blood stains but kids, too! When children have minor cuts, they would usually hide them from their moms because they are scared of being scolded or reprimanded. Or, they are scared or want to avoid the sting of the wound solution their moms would apply. There are also times when a treated wound is actually bleeding through the bandage which is used to wrap it.

All moms out there should also know that blood stains are not only caused by accidental or intentional cuts. All ladies should know that frustration becomes apparent when feminine protections or napkins shift at the wrong place without knowing and realizing it.

how to remove dried blood stains

If you are currently dealing with blood stains at home especially the ones that have set in for an extended period of time, it is important that you should learn about ways that can help you remove them effectively. There are many blood stain removal solutions that are bombarded around but this time, allot some of your time learning some of the tried and tested solutions that can effectively remove dry blood stains in no time.

Use White Vinegar to Remove Dry Blood Stains

Use White Vinegar to Remove Dry Blood Stains

You may not be aware that there are simple things in your house that is not only best for one particular use. Vinegar for instance is a highly popular must-have in every kitchen and is known to be a powerful solution to help remove tough blood stains. It contains acetic acid which is known to loosen up blood stains that have hardened over time. In fact, even blood stained fabrics that have been put in the dryer can be treated with this very inexpensive solution – a remedy that most moms will definitely love.

1. For small scale stains, simply pour vinegar into a bowl and soak the stained portion of the fabric into it. Allow the soaking for about thirty minutes then check if there are stains that still remain on the fabric. If the stain is still there, take the time to prolong the soaking.

2. For larger stains, spread a piece of towel under the fabric’s stained area. Soak the part with vinegar and allow the solution to stay for thirty minutes. Do the same procedure if you happen to see that the stain is still there.

3. Once the stain has already been removed, you may now do the normal washing procedure. You are free to put the washed fabric in the dryer if you are certain that the blood stain is completely gone.

The Use of Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Tough Blood Stains

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing Tough Blood Stains

Another simple yet tried and tested solution to help moms remove tough blood stains is H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide. Take note that H2O2 can be used in its full strength when removing blood stains so you are free to pour it directly on the affected parts of the fabric. Let the solution sit for about five to ten minutes then use a clean rag or sponge to blot it. For colored fabrics, be sure to have the solution tested first on the fabric’s unseen part. This will give you the hint whether or not the H2O2 will ruin the fabric’s color.

Take note that H2O2 usually converts into water when exposed to light. In this regard, it is important to wrap the treated area of the fabric with a plastic wrapper then cover it with a clean piece of cloth or towel.

The Use of Ammonia for Removing Dry or Tour Blood Stains

Use of ammonia to remove dried blood stains

Ammonia is an inexpensive solution that can remove dried blood in no time. However, you have to be very careful when using this kind of solution because it might take everything with it. Thus, using ammonia is easy when removing blood stains from white fabrics. If you have tried other remedies and they work ineffectively to solve your problem then using ammonia can be your last resort.

Effective Tips to Handle Tough & Dried Blood Stains

1. The first thing that you should do when dealing with dry or tough blood stains is to soak the fabric in cold water and leave it overnight.

2. Clean sections of the fabric should be thoroughly separated from the stained portion that is going to be treated. This will prevent the blood stain from transferring to the unaffected parts.

3. If you are uncertain about how a piece of fabric reacts on a particular solution, make sure to first test the treatment on the inconspicuous portion of the fabric. This is an effective method to test a fabric’s colorfastness.

Today, many different kinds of stain-removing products are scattered around. However, it is good to know that tough blood stains can now be easily removed by just using simple products that you usually find at home.

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