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How to Clean Ink Stains from Clothes

April 8th, 2016 | by admin
How to Clean Ink Stains from Clothes
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Moms, are you here looking for a way to clean ink stains from clothes of your beloved? These cleaning tips will help you to remove ink stains without any residual ink left.

How to remove ink stains from your clothing

How to Clean Ink Stains from Clothes

Ink stains on clothing is quite common and can be caused by many things, ranging from accidentally bringing a leaked pen in the shirt pocket, up for letting the kids running around while carrying markers. If you become a victim of the annoying ink stains, do not panic! Ink stain removal is actually very simple, no matter what material is exposed. What you need are cleaning agent, a little time to spare, as well as reliable tips to remove ink stains. The following are the things you need to know:

How to remove water-based ink stains

how to get ink out of clothes

Most of the currently pen uses water-based ink, which are easily cleaned from the clothes. In some cases, you do not even need a special ink cleaners, because the clothes washing detergent and warm water is enough to clean the ink completely. While for the most stubborn stains, you can do the following before washing stained clothes with washing machine:

Use the microfiber cloth that can be washed to remove ink stains that have accumulated in the clothing. Do not wipe or rub the ink stain, but gently press or pat the stain to absorb the ink quickly before it’s dry. Do this until the ink dries and can not be absorbed again. Do remember that wiping or rubbing the ink stain will make the spot larger, pat the ink spot is the best way.

1.  If the stain spot is very large, apply a water-based stain remover first, so the stain can be easily washed later. Let the cleaner work for about 10 minutes or follow the instructions on the product packaging label.

2.  Once again, press the ink stain gently with a washable microfiber cloth to absorb the ink again. After the cleaner do its job, the ink stains should be easily absorbed.

3.  Wash clothes with washing machine. We recommend that you do not wash the ink stained clothes along with other clothing. Remember: removing water-based ink stain only need water. You do not need to boil or wash your clothes with hot water. Use water as usual when you wash clothes.

4.  After washing, check back and make sure the ink blot stain is completely gone before drying the clothes. If there are still remaining stain, apply the cleaner, absorb the stain and wash once again.

Removing Ink Stains from Permanent Markers

how to remove ink from clothes

So how to clean the ink stains that are not water based? The trick is a bit complicated, but not impossible! Permanent markers and the like usually use oil-based inks, so the water and detergent will not be effective against it. All you need is an ink stain cleaners which can solve the oil particles in the ink stains, so that it becomes easier to clean.

1.  Once again, start to absorb excess ink stain by pressing it gently. Remember, use a microfiber cloth instead of tissue, because a small portion of tissue can be trapped in the material of your clothing.

2.  Apply alcohol that you use for your wound directly on the ink stain. Alcohol in these products is an effective stain remover for oil-based ink, work to break down oil in ink permanent marker. Some people even use anti-bacterial hand washing soap as a cleaner alternative to remove this type of ink stains. Also, do the cleaning process in a well-ventilated room.

3.  When alcohol or other cleaning fluid is still wet, put your clothes in the washing machine and wash with water and regular laundry detergent. You do not need to use hot water. Do not forget, wash clothes stained separately with other clothes, so the ink does not contaminate or running into another outfit.

4.  Make sure the stain is clean before clothes are dried. For optimum results, dry the clothes by hanging clothes on a clothesline, so the wind can evaporate the alcohol completely.

How to Clean Ink Stains from Clothes That Have Been Dried

how to remove ink stains from clothes

One thing to remember when cleaning ink stains is that the heat will make the stain to absorb, thus more difficult to clean. That is why you should immediately ascertain whether the stain is completely clean before drying the clothes.

But accidents can happen and the stained clothes are already dried. If this happens to you, use a good quality stain remover to fight stains. You can apply it before the clothes are washed. You may have to try several times before the clothes really clean, but eventually the stain will clean thoroughly if you do not give up easily.

Powerful Tricks for Handling Ink Stains

Removing ink stains easier by:

1.  Handle it as soon as possible. The more new ink stain, the easier it is to clean stains. When the stain dries and is absorbed in clothing, the ink blot will be more difficult to clean.

2.  Never wipe or rub the ink stain. Instead of removing ink stains, stain it will become larger and ruin your clothes. The best way is to absorb ink, so the rest of your clothes can still be saved.

3.  Let the stain cleaners work. In addition to alcohol-based cleaners which should be put in the washing machine while still wet, other types of ink cleaners need time to work. Always read the instructions for use on product packaging, and let the stain cleaners working within the recommended time period.

How to Remove Ink Stain on Fabric

How to Remove Ink Stain on Fabric

So you have this urgent job: remove ink stain now! To remove an ink stain is difficult, but workable. Most causes of ink stains are from pens left inside your clothes’ pockets. There are a few methods on how to remove ink stains from fabric or garments. Below are some procedures on how to remove ink stains immediately.

1.     Don’t let ink stain set or dry on the garment. If the ink stain is new, press a paper towel very firmly on the fabric. The paper towel will absorb the wet ink, making it easier to remove ink stains.

2.     You can soak the garment in alcohol, rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol, or dab a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Wash the cloth as normal.

3.     For non-synthetic garments, you can use a mixture of ammonia and denatured alcohol. Soak the fabric in the mixture then add vinegar. Wash as usual.

4.      You can also use hairspray to remove ink stains. Hairspray will dissolve the ink stain. Spray onto the stain then pat with a damp rag, do not rub. Be sure that the stain has been removed completely before putting the fabric in the dryer.

5.     Glycerin is also used in removing ink stains from fabric. Apply a lukewarm glycerin onto the stain, rinse with water and then add a drop or two of ammonia.

6.     For older stains, better take the fabric to the dry cleaner immediately. Ask the dry cleaner if they have encountered these kind of stains and maybe they can teach you how to get rid of those.

7.     There are also commercial ink stain removers that are available in the market. Read & follow the instructions before using.

Here are some tips and reminders to remove the ink stain successfully

1.     Nail polish remover is also used in removing ink stains. Follow the procedure when using alcohol.

2.     Rubbing the stain is a no-no. It will only spread the stain on to the fabric.

3.     For white clothes, dab a cotton swab dipped in bleach. Makes sure the cotton swab is not very wet.

4.     Hydrogen peroxide is usually used for colored fabric.

5.     When removing ballpoint ink stain from leather, use glycerin.

6.     You can also use cheesecloth when using alcohol in removing ink stain.

7.     Make sure that to put a clean cloth underneath the stained cloth.

8.     You can also use a toothbrush as scrub brush.

There are other ways on how to remove ink stains from clothes. You can ask your friends or your local laundry. You can also search the Internet for guidelines or tips from other people who have had to remove ink stain.

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