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How to Get Mustard Stain out of Clothes

May 24th, 2016 | by admin
How to Get Mustard Stain out of Clothes
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Mustard is one of the most popular condiments, which have a bright color. And a stain caused by this condiment is definitely annoying and stubborn. When they accidentally get into clothes, the stain is really bright and tough to remove because of the mixture of turmeric and oil in it. If you ever find yourself stressing about how to remove this kind of stain in your clothes, remember a few of these steps:

1. Wash the clothes depending on what kind of fabric it is made of.

Some treatments that would work on one type of cloth may destroy the other. If you are dealing with white cotton, you can wash it with hot water since it will be more effective in removing stains. However, avoid using hot water on delicate fabrics since it might cause damage, the light-colored clothes to fade, and stain other clothes on the washing machine as well. To be guided on which type of fabric it is and how to wash it properly, check the clothing tag and find the maximum temperature that it can be washed at. If you are not sure, you can just wash the delicate items with cold water. Make sure that you wash your clothes immediately after applying the detergent or stain remover because if it sits in too long in the fabric, this might make the stain harder to remove. If the item is not washable or it’s hard for you to do it, you can take it to a dry cleaning professional.

how to get mustard out of clothes

2. For fresh mustard stains, wipe it off immediately.

When you accidentally got mustard in your clothes, immediately clean it off with a clean and dry towel. Flip it over into another side to make sure that the stain is somehow absorbed in it. Remember to use an absorbent towel, or even just a simple paper towel for easier absorption of the stain.

how to remove mustard stains

3. For dried mustard stains, scrape it off.

When the stain has dried up, you can start removing it by using a butter knife or any other utensil that could remove the mustard. Remember to scrape the dried stain using a butter knife or any other utensil. Since the stain has already dried, it won’t be spreading all over the cloth. After doing so, shake the clothing so that flecks of the dry mustard will be removed. This shouldn’t be forgotten since these leftover specks of mustard may cause additional stains when the clothing is washed.

4. Rinse the clothing with cold running water.

Have the affected area of the clothing flushed with cold running water so the stain will be removed. When you are done rinsing in the front part of the clothing, rinse again from the back (the opposite side from the stained area) so that excess mustard will fall away from the fabric instead of pushing through it.

5. Use detergent or stain remover over the stain.

Test any solution that you will be using by putting it on a corner of the clothing or in the seam allowance area to makes sure that it won’t affect the color of the fabric before you proceed. If you have a commercial stain remover, use it to remove the stain but make sure that the product doesn’t contain ammonia. This is because ammonia reacts with turmeric, the one ingredient in mustard, which makes it yellow. When this happens, the color will only set further. Liquid laundry detergents can do, or even bar soaps, too. But when rubbing the stain with detergent, be careful so you won’t be spreading the stain any further.

how to get mustard stains out of clothes

6. Add bleach when using the washing machine or tub.

Keep in mind the color of the fabric before you add bleach. Use chlorine bleach for white clothes, and color-safe bleach for colored clothes. Chlorine bleach is known to be very effective in removing stains. Using color-safe bleach on colored clothes will avoid fading of the color and won’t leave white spots on the fabric.

7. Check the stain before continuing.

Do not put the stained clothes in a dryer or a drying rack until you have made sure that the stain is completely gone. If there are still even a little stain left and you already put it to dry, it would make the stain set further. If the stain is still there, continue on the stained section of the fabric so it will be removed then you can dry it off once you are finished. Only dry your clothing once the stain is no longer visible.

how to remove a mustard stain

8. You can create your own homemade solution to remove stains.

A few methods you can try might help remove the mustard stain. The first may be composed of rubbing alcohol, dish soap, water, and any absorbent material that will be put under the garment.  Create a solution with three parts of liquid dish soap and a part of alcohol. Put this solution on the stain and let it soak for about 10 minutes, but not too long that the solution completely dries. The alcohol might make the stain look dark at first, but don’t worry because it will just be rinsed out. Rinse the treated area thoroughly with hot water then proceed on washing it. Another solution that you can make is with the use of white vinegar, dish soap, water, and any absorbent material that will be put under the garment. Mix a half-teaspoon of dish soap, half-cup of water, a few drops of white vinegar and apply the solution to the stained area, allowing it to soak. You can then rinse it well with hot water and proceed on washing.

Following these steps would definitely help remove the stains caused by turmeric. By immediately taking action on the stain, you could help save your clothing from getting stained permanently because mustard stains, if not removed immediately, might become harder to clean or would even set on the fabric permanently. If all else fails, you can bring your clothing to a stain removal specialist.

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